3 Main Causes of Blocked Drains

3 Common Drain Problems

3 Causes of Blocked Drains

With over 20 years of experience, we can help identify and address common drainage issues. In this article, we outline the 3 most common causes of blockages, with a look at their causes, and how you can prevent them from occurring. Contact us today for a quote.

Foreign Objects

This is one of the most common causes for drain blockages.

What is a Foreign Object?

This drainage issue occurs when objects and materials lodge in your drains and restrict the flow of water. These can occur in your drains if you flush sanitary products, large food scraps, and kids toys etc.

How to Prevent This Drainage Issue

You can prevent foreign objects from entering your drainage system by using drain guards to prevent large items and debris from entering your drains and building up.

How We Can Help With These Drainage Problems

Our water jetting solution can provide an effective method for dislodging foreign objects from your blocked drains. This involves forcing water through a hose at extremely high pressure to clean debris from your pipes.

Buildup in Drains

Blocked drains are often a result of a buildup of different materials.

What Causes a Buildup?

Grease, fats, soap scum and various debris can build up and cause drain problems. Grease and soap can stick to the side of the drain. If it’s not flushed properly, it can harden to the sides of the pipes and restrict flow causing backing up or overflowing.

Preventing a Buildup

Consider placing oil and fats in a sealed container and putting it in your bin. Otherwise if you are pouring it down your drains make sure you run hot water for a few minutes to flush it down.

How We Can Help

Water-jetting can strip grease and soap scum from your drains. It’s an efficient and safe way of descaling your pipes and allowing for clear water flow.

Invasive Tree Roots

This is one of the most damaging drainage problems.

What Causes Invasive Tree Roots?

If your drains have a small crack, tree roots can creep in and grow, causing a blockage.

Preventing Invasive Tree Roots

If you can, be selective with the trees you plant near your house and drainage. Flushing your pipes regularly can also deter roots from massing.

How We Can Help

Water-jetting is the most effective way of clearing root masses from your drains. The high-pressure water is powerful enough to break up the roots that appear. We then use CCTV to identify their entry point and make repairs.

Discover the 3 most common drainage issues, with a look at how to prevent them and how we can help. Contact us online today for a quote.

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