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The Benefits of Regular Water Tank Cleaning

The Benefits of Regular Water Tank Cleaning


At CST group, our customers know they can rely on us for friendly, professional, and affordable service, whether it’s a bulk water delivery or drain unblocking. Whatever your challenges, if it’s water-related, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to provide the solution you need quickly. However, we always like to remind our customers that most problems can be avoided with a little care and regular maintenance of your pipes, tanks, and other system components. In our last blog, we shared some tips on how to keep your household drains clear of blockages. In this month’s blog, we’re going to talk about the benefits of regular water tank cleaning.


If you rely on water tanks for drinking water, showering or washing clothes its important to keep your water tank clean, the Ministry of Health recommends cleaning is carried out at least once a year.  While you can clean your tank yourself, it is recommended to get a professional in to do a thorough job.


The Hazards of Neglecting Your Water Tank


Even if you don’t usually use your tank for drinking water, a poorly maintained system can have serious consequences for your household. Over time, small amounts of sediment and other debris collects in your water tank, forming thick sludge that will need to be removed. Along with this sludge, bugs find their way into the tank, as do small animals like rats or possums. Aside from causing a terrible stink, the presence of decomposing carcasses can lead to dangerous contamination. The sooner these problems are dealt with, the better.


While cleaning your water tank, it is also a good idea to carry out a thorough inspection for cracks and other damage. Regular maintenance and inspection mean you can catch small problems like this before they have a chance to take hold and necessitate costly repairs or even replacement.


Our Water Tank Cleaning Service


You can carry out cleaning and maintenance yourself, but we really suggest you get the professionals in. Since this is only required once or twice a year, a professional cleaning won’t break the bank and may well save you the cost of more extensive maintenance or repair in the future. Our experts are highly experienced and equipped with all the right tools, and they provide a fast, thorough service with minimal disruption.


Our 5 Step Water Tank Cleaning Process:

  1. We remove the water from the tank as we require it to be empty for the job.
  2. We vacuum the sludge/ dirt from the walls and bottom of the tank.
  3. We then waterblast the walls to ensure it is cleaned thoroughly.
  4. Repeat vacuuming to remove any debris from the tank.
  5. Sanitise the tank with chlorine.


Book Your Next Tank Clean with CST Group


CST Group is a family owned and operated business based in Waikato. Our highly trained technicians are committed to providing our customers with a premium service on every job. To book your next tank clean with us or for information on any of our other services, head to the contact section of our website and get in touch by phone or email today!

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