4 Things To Keep Out Of Your Septic Tank in Cambridge

4 Things To Keep Out Of Your Septic Tank

4 Things To Keep Out Of Your Septic Tank in Cambridge

A septic tank is a way to manage your wastewater from your dwelling, but you should keep a few things in mind to keep it in good working order. Septic-friendly cleaning products, soap, human waste, and toilet paper can all be flushed into a septic tank. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money fixing or maintaining your septic tank, there are several things that should never go there. Here, CST Group provides a list of things not to put in a septic tank.

Kitchen Waste

Dishwashing liquid in the sink is fine, but the pipes to your septic tanks can become clogged if oil and grease are not correctly disposed of – we recommend disposing of oil and fats in your general bin – if you are tipping it down the sink make sure you are running hot water down as well to flush it through your pipes. If you think your tank is clogged and don’t know how to check septic tank is full, call CST Group, the professionals in your area.

Laundry Waste

Laundry contributes significantly to your septic system, as most laundry detergents contain environmental contaminants. Consider switching to a detergent that is gentler on the environment the next time you do the laundry.

Toilet Waste

Don’t flush wet wipes into your septic tank system.

If you are using wet wipes, dispose of them in a bin instead of the toilet. Not all wet wipes are biodegradable and cause absolute havoc on your septic tank – clogging pumps causing them to burn out, blocking pipelines so your tank starts backing up. We recommend using alternative products or disposing of them elsewhere. If you do end up with clogged drains, give us a call, we can help with drain unblocking.

How to Increase Bacteria in Septic Tank Naturally

Knowing how to increase bacteria in septic tank naturally can be beneficial. Antibacterial soaps, bleach, medicines, and other antibacterial agents can kill beneficial tank bacteria. Change how your household functions and avoid flushing the above list of things not to put in septic tank. In time, microorganisms will return in optimal numbers.

How do I Keep my Septic System Healthy?

Our customers often ask: how do I keep my septic system healthy? As long as you adhere to the guidelines set forth by our experts, maintaining a perfectly operating septic system is neither time-consuming nor expensive.

If you need a septic tank cleaning or don’t know how to check septic tank is full, contact CST Group online, call us on 0800 43 89 89 or email [email protected], and we’ll help keep your septic system in top condition.