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CCTV Pipe Inspection Service in Waikato Region

CCTV pipe inspections are a visual inspection of the interior condition of a pipeline. Used for checking the pipework condition, identifying faults – cracks, gaps, intrusions etc and pinpointing the location of them.

They play a critical role in all construction projects as a CCTV pipe inspection is the easiest way to confirm the location and condition of your existing pipework.

Choosing a trusted contractor to perform your pipe inspection is key, and that’s where we come in. Our wealth of industry knowledge and experience along with our state-of-the-art equipment ensures your project is in the best hands.

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CST Group’s CCTV Pipe Inspection Service in Waikato Region

With push rod and crawler camera options available. Our cameras can inspect pipes from 100mm to 1800mm in diameter. Our crawler camera has 300 metres of cable and our pushrod can inspect pipes up to 60 metres long.

CCTV Pipe Inspection Services in Waikato, NZ

After the inspection takes place we provide a WinCan generated report – quality video footage, and an in-depth report on our findings.

The Benefits of a CCTV Pipe Inspection

  • Diagnose and Locate Problems in your pipelines faster than traditional methods.
  • Take the guesswork out of your pipeline locations and where they run to.
  • Save Time & Cost of Excavation – pin point the problem from the start.

When Should I Use CCTV Pipe Inspections?

  • Identify & Locate Blockages in your Pipework
  • Pipeline Condition Assessment
  • Preliminary and Final Inspection Report for New Subdivisions or Development.
  • Council Build Over Reports
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