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Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation put simply is a safer way to dig.

This is an alternative to manual digging and is ideal for locating or working around utilities e.g. gas, water and fibre optics. It has many benefits compared to manual labour including efficiency, safety, and smaller environmental impact. We operate a 6-inch boom Hydrovac and is able operate up to a 30-metre lift.


Benefits of Hydro Excavation:

Hydrovac uses pressurized water and air suction to remove soil and expose and visually identify existing underground lines with contact to it.  This reduces the risks on your personnel dramatically as the are not in contact with potentially volatile utilities.

The Hydrovac truck is both cost and time effective, as it is a lot quicker than manual digging in turn reduces downtime and labour costs. It also reduces the risks of potential delays from accidents or repairs on utilities services.

Environmental Impact
As it allows you to excavate soil in a non-destructive way, is reduces the harm to the environment with no debris, dust and run off, that would you typically have with manual digging.

Hydro Vac Waikato

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