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Bulk Water Delivery Services in Waikato

Bulk Water Delivery in the Waikato

If you need bulk water delivery or household water deliver in the Waikato Region, including Hamilton, Morrinsville, Cambridge, Matamata and Te Awamutu, our water team are your first choice for water deliveries! We offer professional bulk water deliveries to ensure your water tanks are always topped up and ready for use.

Professional Bulk Water Delivery

If you’re relying on water tanks to store water for drinking or household use, it’s essential to keep them regularly topped up, ensuring you always have enough and that it is always fresh. At CST Water, we provide efficient bulk water delivery, offering load sizes of 6000 and 13000 litres and truck and trailer delivery of 23000 litres where property access allows. We operate throughout Waikato, including Cambridge, Hamilton, Morrinsville, Te Awamutu and surrounding areas. 

We take pride in complying with Health and Safety regulations and are Taumata Arowai registered. Our potable water is sourced from designated council fill points, ensuring its safety for drinking. Our trucks undergo regular maintenance to guarantee that your water delivery is of the highest standard. 

Bulk Water Delivery Services in Waikato, NZ
Swimming Pool Water Deliveries in Waikato, NZ

Swimming Pool Water Deliveries

In addition to bulk water delivery, we also offer swimming pool water delivery. During the summer season, it’s essential to keep your swimming pool or spa pool topped up with water for endless fun. Hot weather and evaporation can cause water loss in your pool, especially during extended periods without rain or due to splashing during use. CST Water provides reliable pool water delivery services throughout the year. Our experienced team can fill new swimming pools or refill pools after draining them for repairs or repainting. 

Water Tank Cleaning and Deliveries

If you rely on water tanks for drinking water, showering or washing clothes, maintaining cleanliness is vital. We offer water tank cleaning services for tanks of all sizes. Our team visits your location and conducts a thorough cleaning of your tank. Once cleaned, we arrange a freshwater delivery to ensure your water supply remains pristine. 

At CST Water, we are committed to providing dependable water delivery services and advice, including bulk water delivery, household water delivery and more. 

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