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Sump Cleanouts

CST Septic caters to all types of  sumps and it is important that these are maintained regularly for effective drainage. It is important that your sumps are in working order to prevent overflow and surface flooding.

Sumps that we clean out:

Stormwater sumps & Catch Pits
This Is the grate in which your stormwater flows into, overtime many foreign objects are washed into these and settle into the bottom and often lead to overflows when it rains. To prevent surface flooding, ensure these are cleaned regularly to maintain your drainage systems.

Cess Pits
In your washdown bays, it is not uncommon for the cess pits to become blocked and overflow creating a mess in your yard.

Cow Sumps
The sumps connected to your cowsheds on your dairy farm will need cleaning regularly to prevent build up and in turn will keep your cowsheds clean and functioning properly.

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