Industrial, Water & Septic Services in Waikato, NZ

Our Services

CST Group consists of three divisions – CST Septic, CST Water and CST Industrial. We offer a range of services including Liquid Waste Removal, Water Deliveries, CCTV Pipe Inspections and Hydro Excavation.

Getting your septic tank cleaned and serviced regularly is important to prevent blockages and leaks, we recommend having your tank cleaned every 2-3 years.

With heavy rain, its common for catch pits and sumps to become full and overflow. If the sumps on your property are due for a cleanout, call us today to book them in.

It is important to have your grease trap cleaned regularly to help maintain the system and keep a hygienic environment. Let our team take care of your grease trap cleaning with a regular maintenance schedule.

We are well equipped to handle any bulk liquid waste collection, with four vacuum trucks and a trailer, we have the capability to service most domestic and commercial jobs.


Do you rely on tank water for drinking and household use? We offer bulk water delivery throughout the Waikato. Our water is taken from council fill points and delivered in hygienic stainless steel tankers, so it is safe to drink. Contact us today for all your water delivery requirements.

It’s important to keep your water tank free from sludge, rodents and other harmful substances that compromise your water supply. The Ministry of Health recommends cleaning your water tank at least once a year. So if your tank’s due for a clean, book a tank clean now! 

If you require  a temporary water supply for a construction site or event, hiring a water tank is the ideal solution. Contact us today to find out more about hiring our water tanks.

Hydro Excavation put simply is a safer way to dig. An alternative to manual digging and is ideal for locating or working around utilities – gas, water and fibre optics.

We operate two cameras for CCTV pipe inspections – Mainline and Push Rod. CCTV Pipe Inspections are key for drain tracing, locating pipework and identifying any pipework issues.

We operate a jetter truck, servicing both domestic and industrial work. Hydro Jetting is ideal for Pipe Cleaning, Drain Unblocking and Root Removal.