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Household Drain Unblocking Techniques in Hamilton and Waikato

Drain blockages are common and oftentimes inevitable household problems. Pipework and drains can become blocked over time, and if left, can cause long term damage to your pipeline. Our team have years of experience across the domestic sector, providing drain unblocking techniques across Hamilton and the Waikato region. If you need assistance unblocking a drain that’s giving you trouble, whether it’s completely blocked with fat or just slow draining, we can provide a solution.

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The Importance of Unblocking Household Drains

Common household drain problems can include blockages, slow drainage and backups where water can rise to the surface of your drain. Whether your drain has been blocked by a foreign object, or is the result of a long term build up, following expert drain unblocking techniques is a simple way to maintain your household pipeline.

How We Unblock Drains

We recommend a CCTV drain inspection to locate the blockage, and then using our drain unblocking equipment we can target the blockage and get your drains running freely again in no time.

Our team are all experienced drain unblockers, and we service the Waikato area — Hamilton, Cambridge, Matamata, Te Awamutu, and Morrinsville, ensuring your household pipes are healthy and functional.

Get ahead of blockages and maintain your pipes with CST Group. Schedule an appointment online or call us on 0800 11 44 90.

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