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Household Drain Unblocking

Water Jetting

Household Drain Unblocking:

Having problems with blockages in your drains/pipes?

At CST, we can unblock them by flushing the blockage from the pipeline using our water jetting unit. Jetting is ideal for clearing any blockages in your pipework, as it also has the capability of flushing foreign objects from the drain, stripping grease and fat from the pipe and de-scaling pipelines.

Water jetting is a process where water is forced through a hose at extremely high pressure to clean pipework and remove and debris/blockages. Our jetting equipment is suitable for both domestic and industrial work. 

After your pipes have been jetted to remove the blockage, we are able to provide a CCTV inspection on the pipework. These inspections will locate any problems within the pipes and provide a report of the condition of them.

See here for more information on CCTV Pipe Inspections

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