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Septic Tank Cleaning

It is imperative to get your septic tank serviced and cleaned regularly to prevent blockages and harmful flooding. Find out more about how we can ensure your septic tank is safe and working properly.

Liquid Waste Disposal

By being NZWWA Liquid and Hazardous Waste Code Compliant, we can ensure safe collection & disposal of your liquid waste with all waste being tracked and disposed of correctly in approved and monitored disposal sites.

Grease Trap Cleaning

It’s important that you clean your grease trap regularly to help maintain the system and keep a hygienic environment for your cafe or restaurant. Let our team take care of your grease trap cleaning, with a regular maintenance schedule.

Sump Cleanouts

CST Septic caters to all types of sumps and it is important that these are maintained regularly for effective drainage. It’s important that your sumps are in working order to prevent overflow and surface flooding.

Trust your septic tank cleaning to the experts today

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