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Water Jetting

Our CST Industrial team operate a jetter truck. Water Jetting is the method in which water is forced through a high-pressure hose to clean pipework.  We have the capacity to flush pipes from 70 – 1200mm in diameter, which is capable of servicing both domestic and industrial.

Water Jetting Waikato

Water Jetting is Ideal For:

Pipe Cleaning/Flushing:
This is ideal for any inspections required on new pipework or for locating problems with drainage. We are also able to provide regular flushing of pipes in order to maintain them and prevent build up of grease, fat or silt which could lead to blockages.

Drain Unblocking:
Our jetter is ideal for clearing any blockages in your pipework. It has the capability of flushing foreign objects from the drain, stripping grease and fat from the pipe and de-scaling pipelines.

Root Removal:
Overtime tree roots can grow extensively throughout your pipework causing serious blockages or even damage to the drains.  Our jetter high pressure hose is able to cut through the roots into small pieces in seconds and flush these objects out, which in turn means your pipework will now be free flowing again.

CCTV Pipe Inspections:
After your pipes have been jetted we are able to provide a CCTV inspection of the pipework. This inspection will provide a report on the condition of the pipes and can be used to locate any problems in the pipework. 

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