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Grease Trap Cleaning

Regular Maintenance of Grease Traps

Let our team take care of your grease trap cleaning at your premises, with a regular maintenance schedule.

Grease Trap Cleaning

It is important that you clean your grease trap by having it regularly to both help maintain the system and a hygienic environment.

We understand your legal obligation to work in a safe and hygienic for both your staff and customers. That is why our team are able to work effectively and ensure your grease traps are thoroughly cleaned on a service plan. We strive to work in with you to ensure they are cleaned outside of your operating hours to ensure all odours are gone when you open.

Councils are insisting on regular cleaning problems, with most requiring companies to clean them every 1- 3 months, dependant on the use.

Remember it is important to practice a safe work place for both your staff and customers to avoid damaging it, risking overflows or even having to shut your business down for a few days.

Trust your grease trap cleaning to the experts

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