Trusted Water Tank Cleaning Services in Waikato, NZ

Water Tank Cleaning Services in Waikato

Professional Water Tank Cleaning in the Waikato

Don’t compromise on the cleanliness and safety of your water tank. Choose CST Water for professional residential and commercial water tank cleaning services. 

If you rely on a water tank for drinking water, showering, washing clothes or dishes, residential and commercial water tank cleaning is a must. It’s recommended that water tanks are cleaned at least once a year to maintain hygiene standards. Opting for the CST Group’s professional services saves you time and hassle while guaranteeing proper cleaning of your tank. 

CST Water specialises in comprehensive water tank cleaning services throughout the Waikato region, catering to tanks of all sizes. Our team conducts meticulous cleaning of your tank.  

Reasons to Keep Your Water Tank Clean

There are several reasons why keeping your water tank clean is of utmost importance. While the exterior appearance may seem fine, it does not guarantee the interior is free from potential hazards. By having your tank professionally cleaned, you ensure:

The above is especially critical using rainwater for your property’s water supply, as contaminants from the roof and gutters can quickly enter the tank 

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5 step water tank cleaning process waikato

Our 5-Step Cleaning Process

At CST Water, we follow a rigorous 5-step cleaning process to ensure the highest standards:

Alternatively, if you wish to retain the water in the tank, we can store 10,000 litres in a temporary bladder and refilter it back into the tank at an additional cost. Additionally, we offer the option of delivering 13,000 litres of potable water on the same day. 

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Our comprehensive range of services includes septic tank maintenance, water delivery, precise hydro excavation, thorough CCTV drain inspections, jetting, and more!