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Water Tank Cleaning

Professional Water Tank Cleaning in the Waikato Region

If you rely on a water tank for drinking water, showering or washing clothes or dishes it is important to keep your tank clean and the Ministry of Health recommends cleaning is carried out at least once a year.

While you can clean your water tank yourself, it is much better to get a professional in to do a thorough job – saving you time and hassle and ensuring that your tank is properly cleaned.

CST Water offers water tank cleaning throughout the Waikato region for tanks of all sizes. Our team will visit you on site and do a thorough clean of your tank inside and out. While there, we can also carry out water tank maintenance if required to fix and leaks or replace any worn parts before topping your tank back up.

Reasons to keep your water tank clean

Even though your water tank might look fine from the outside, that is no guarantee that on the inside everything is okay.
Getting your tank professionally cleaned ensures:

Keeping your water tank clean is especially important if you rely on collected rainwater to provide water for your property, as contaminants from your roof and gutters can easily enter the tank.

Our 5 Step Cleaning Process:

Alternatively if you wish to keep the water in the tank we can store 10,000 Litres in a temporary bladder and refilter it into the tank after at an additional cost. Otherwise we can deliver 14,000 Litres of potable water the same day.

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