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Focus on Hydro Excavation: Benefits & Applications

At CST Group, we offer a wide variety of services from bulk water delivery to sump cleanout and delivery and cleaning of water storage tanks. One of the most popular services we offer today is hydro excavation. But what exactly is hydro excavation and what is it used for? In this blog, we offer a quick overview of hydro excavation: what it is, what applications it is best suited to, and how it compares to traditional excavation methods.

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation has become hugely popular in recent decades as a safe, fast, and cost-effective alternative to traditional mechanical excavation. This process uses pressurised water to break up the earth, which it then clears by sucking it up through a hose into the vacuum tank of the truck. It is commonly used to excavate areas with underground networks and systems such as sewage, piping, or cabling, and is in fact the preferred method for locating these systems for repair or maintenance when no reliable blueprints are available. Another benefit of this is the huge reduction in downtime that mechanical excavation can cause by unintended damage to the systems.

Hydro excavation is also a great option in settings where access is limited. For example, it is ideal for settings such as basements or sewers where it would not be possible to fit the large heavy equipment required for mechanical excavation.

What Are the Advantages over Mechanical Excavation?

One of the biggest advantages of hydro excavation as compared to traditional methods is that it is much less likely to cause damage to underground piping and other systems. It is often difficult-to-impossible to know exactly where to dig to avoid these obstacles, and when using heavy machinery, it’s easy to tear up essential utilities and tree roots.

In addition to dramatically reducing the risk of damage, hydro excavation is generally a much cleaner, quicker process than other methods. Technicians do not need to rely on multiple pieces of heavy machinery like diggers, meaning the procedure is faster, less expensive, and safer – both for the technicians and for the property.  Since the debris is all sucked up into the truck, there is also far less mess left behind to clean up afterwards. Operators have a great degree of control over the speed, depth, and exact location being excavated.

Another advantage of hydro excavation is reduced environmental damage. With the use oMechanical excavation not only leaves behind a lot of unsightly and inconvenient mess; all that debris can also become a pollutant and tractors and bobcats disrupt the earth on and around the worksite. The precision of hydro excavation means this is far less of a concern.

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