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Guide to Water Jetting

From homes to businesses, blocked and built-up drains can cause damage to your pipes. Water jetting is the best and easiest solution to your drain woes. Ideal for eliminating grease build-up, removing pipe roots, flushing out blockages and anything in between, water jets are the most versatile tool for any job. For all your drain pipe root removal, pipe cleaning, inspections and drain unblocking needs, CST has you covered.

What is Water Jetting?

A heavy-duty industrial tool, a water jet is also known as a water jet cutter. Using extremely high pressure, these innovative tools are capable of cutting through a range of different materials with ease. Water Jetting is the process in which water is forced through a high pressure hose to clean pipework,

What Are Water Jets Used For?

Essentially a water jet is used to clear blockages, clean pipelines and deeply inspect any issues within. CST’s water jets can help you with:

Pipe Cleaning/Flushing

Perfect for new pipework, inspections and drainage problems, pipe cleaning and flushing keeps your pipes blockage-free. Regular flushing is recommended to prevent the build-up of grease, fat or silt. These build-ups could lead to larger blockages, so it’s a good idea to maintain your pipe’s health.

Drain Unblocking

With the ability to flush foreign objects through, water jetting clears any blockages from the drain. Ideal for stripping grease and fat, water jets are also the perfect tool for descaling any pipeline.

Root Removal

Extensively growing throughout your pipework, tree roots can cause intense blockages and damage to your drains. Through a high pressure hose, water jetting can cut through these stubborn roots and turn them into small pieces in seconds. With these tree roots in tiny pieces, your pipework can flow freely and flush out these objects with ease.

CCTV Pipe Inspections:

Unsure of issues in your pipeline? A CCTV will be able to provide you with a clear picture of what’s going on. A reported inspection can locate any issues, damage or blockages in your pipework.

Need a Water Jet Service?

Servicing both domestic and industrial issues, CST has the team and jetter truck for your needs. Using a high-pressured water jet hose to clean out pipework, our tools have the power to flush pipes from 70-1200mm in diameter. With no job too big or too small, contact us today to see how healthy your pipes can be with water jetting.

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