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How CST Can Help with Household Drain Unblocking

Causing health risks and foul-smelling odours, there is nothing worse than drain blockages in your home. Drains can become blocked for a tonne of different reasons. If this blockage is not dealt with, it will only cause more problems.
For drain unblocking Cambridge wide, CST Group have you covered with our innovative methods.

What Causes Drain Blockages at Home

A household drain can become blocked for a multitude of reasons. This can begin as a minor issue and escalate into a huge problem.

Common drainage blockages can be caused by hair, soap, dirt, food waste, toilet paper build-up and more. Often small objects falling down the drain or making their way into your plumbing can create a blockage. This can be children’s toys, jewellery and more.

Another form of blockage can be tree roots. These can be caused by small cracks or leaks in your underground pipes which can attract tree root growth. Once these roots are in your pipes, they quickly grow large and obstruct water flow and cause severe pipe damage.

Water Jetting

Using a water jetting unit, CST Group flush out any blockage from the pipework. Ideal for clearing out foreign objects, water jetting can also strip grease and fat from your pipes.

Extremely high pressure water is forced through a hose to clear the blockage. Removing any debris or blockages in your pipeline, our jetting equipment is suitable for homes and businesses. After the blockage has been removed, CST Group can source the cause of the problem through CCTV inspections.

CCTV Inspections

After the removal of the drain blockage, a CCTV inspection thoroughly checks the insides of your pipes to pinpoint and identify any faults. This can include cracking or gaps in the pipeline and exactly where it is located.

This takes out any guesswork by showing the operator exactly where the issue lies. This allows us to make an informed decision about repairs and the best way to go about fixing any issues.

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