Discover How to Do Laundry When You Have a Septic Tank

How to do Laundry When You Have a Septic Tank in NZ

How to do Laundry When You Have a Septic Tank in NZ

It may surprise you to know how many people do their laundry incorrectly, resulting in water from the septic backing up into their washing machine. The purpose of a septic system is to filter wastewater from washing water, but you still need to be cautious regarding how to clean your washing machine when you have a septic tank. Before you do your next load of laundry, follow these simple tips by CST Group, and you won’t need to buy a separate septic tank for washing machine use.

How Long to Wait Between Loads of Laundry with Septic Tank

The water from each laundry load can quickly add up when washing multiple loads, and intense water pressure forces your drain field into overdrive. When you spread your laundry chores over a few days, you ease the burden on your septic system and drain field. Do one load per day, or space out your laundry loads if you have to do more than one at a time. When it rains heavily, you should be extra careful about washing multiple loads at once because the soil is already saturated.

Avoid Excessive Water Use

If too much water flows through a septic tank and drains at once, it might cause a flood. When doing laundry chores, wash full loads or adjust your washing machine’s settings for the load you intend to clean.

Detergent and Softeners to Use When You Have Septic Tank

It’s recommended that you use a liquid detergent that the manufacturer has approved for such systems. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and stay within the recommended detergent usage. Fabric softeners can also clog drain pipes and septic systems, and the petroleum in them can kill the natural microorganisms residing in septic systems. The team at CST Group can offer advice or information on which detergent and softeners to use when you have a septic tank.

Consider a New Washing Machine

If you want to keep your washing machine tank from filling up with laundry water, consider upgrading to a newer model. The energy efficiency standards for modern washers are very high, and they use less water than previous models. Even though they might be expensive, newer washing machines allow you to do laundry more regularly without worrying about having to buy a separate septic tank for washing machine use. Their energy efficiency also helps to make the world greener for everyone.

How to Clean Washing Machine When You Have a Septic Tank

Try putting these suggestions into practice to save money on costly emergency repairs. When you have a large family and the laundry quickly accumulates, it’s even more crucial to take precautions. Make sure everyone in your household knows the dos and don’ts of doing laundry with a septic system: share the points raised here by CST Group.

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