Underground Service Locating with Potholing

Locate Underground Utilities with Potholing

Underground Utilities Construction with Potholing

Potholing is an important part of assessing a site before digging to ensure work doesn’t damage any underground utilities. With over 20 years of experience, our team understands the process of potholing and the steps necessary to complete it effectively. In this article, we explain what potholing is, discuss the benefits of this practice, outline some of its applications in commercial and domestic construction and detail some of the safety standards involved.

What is Potholing?

Utility potholing ensures greater accuracy when digging and excavating at a construction site around underground services. This process involves making a series of small holes to locate underground utility lines, such as electrical, water or gas. We use vacuum excavation equipment to confirm the location of any utilities or other obstructions.

The Benefits of Utility Potholing

There are many benefits to using potholing in underground utilities construction.

Prevents Damage to Underground Utility Lines

In underground utilities construction, potholing prevents the potential damage digging and drilling can cause to underground utilities. We use water to dislodge and then vacuum away debris, allowing us to locate utility lines beneath the ground.

Efficient, Safe and Cost-Effective

Hydro excavation uses water to dig holes and remove the dirt away carefully, which is safer than traditional digging techniques. Potholing construction is also a faster method for locating utilities which requires less labour. It also causes less damage to the area, which can reduce the risk of expensive and time-consuming maintenance if you damage a utility.

Discover the benefits that hydro excavation and potholing can have in avoiding damage to underground utilities during construction. Call our team in Waikato or contact us online for a quote.

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