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The Importance of Pipe Flushing

Pipes are made for water to flow through to different points. Sometimes foreign objects can make their way into your pipework, causing a multitude of issues such as blockages and damage.

It’s important to keep your pipes clear so water runs smoothly, and you can avoid potential costly repairs to your pipework. In this blog, we will cover what pipe flushing is, how to do it and why it’s important to stay on top of having clear pipes.

What is Pipe Flushing?

Pipe flushing involves the expelling of liquid to pass through pipes with high velocity and pressure. This force pushes foreign elements and objects to become loose and make their way out of your pipes.

Pipe flushing makes the pipeline surface clean and free from any debris so water can flow through easily.

What is the Purpose of Pipe Flushing?

Like when beavers build dams to stop the flow of water, your pipe system can collect debris, twigs and foreign objects.

When foreign objects build up in your piping, this can cause blockages to the water flow. These blockages can cause your water to come to a halt, with water backing up inside your lines and not draining correctly. Pipe flushing or drain unblocking is used to remove foreign objects or build up from your pipework and avoids further drainage issues.

A common cause of build-up in pipework can be root intrusion. Without removing them it can cause more headaches with your drainage, and you could be up for a large plumbing bill to replace your pipes. Pipe flushing cuts these roots into small pieces and flushes them out in seconds.

Pipe flushing also prevents the build-up of grease, fat and silt which could lead to blockages. It descales to keep your pipes clean and flowing smoothly. It is also ideal for the maintenance of pipework to avoid damage later. Preventative pipe flushing can give you peace of mind that you won’t be hit with damaged pipes and a hefty plumbing bill.

How Do You Pipe Flush with CST Group?

This method of water forced through a high-pressure hose cleans pipework with a water-jetter.

Water jetting is the ideal solution to flush your pipes. Keeping them clean and flowing smoothly, water jetting is great for the maintenance of pipes, removal of roots and any foreign objects.

Pipe cleaning and flushing through water jetting also allows you to locate any problems within the drainage. This is great for new pipework or if you’ve just purchased a new property to see how your pipe system is travelling.

Another great addition to the CST Group repertoire is CCTV Pipe Inspections. This innovative tool allows a thorough inspection combined with a report on the condition of your pipes. A CCTV inspection provides you with the ability to locate any issues within the pipework.

The CST team operates a heavy-duty jetter truck, which comes to your home. With the capacity to flush pipes form 70 – 1200mm in diameter, our water jetting is ideal for both domestic and industrial needs.

Looking for the perfect solution to your pipe cleaning requirements? Contact CST Group today to see how we can make your pipes squeaky clean and flowing smoothly.

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