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The Importance of Water Tank Cleaning

If you rely on a water tank for drinking water, showering, and washing clothes or dishes it is important to keep your tank clean – so your water supply remains clean.

The good thing about water tanks is they are simple and easy to maintain, requiring only a thorough clean about once a year to keep them running smoothly and continuing to provide you with clean water. The Ministry of Health recommends water tank cleaning is carried out at least once a year.

However, it’s one of those tasks that is normally put off until it becomes an emergency – where the water has become contaminated and can no longer be used. We’ve put together this blog to explain the fundamentals of water tank cleaning; why it’s important and when it should be carried out.

What Are the Risks of a Dirty Water Tank? 

Even if you aren’t using your water tank for drinking water, it’s still important to make sure it is cleaned regularly to ensure you have a fresh water supply. Over time debris such as leaves, dirt, and bugs etc can enter the tank and build up creating a thick layer of sludge.

How Do You Know When to Clean my Water Tank?

You should schedule regular cleaning of your water tank; the Ministry of Health recommends cleaning your water tanks at least once a year. However, there are some signs to watch out for that will tip you off if your tank needs attention now. The first is that your water smells, always a sure sign that something is awry. Often this is caused from dead animals, such as a bird, in which case you will need to remove the unfortunate creature and replace all the water in the tank.

Is Water Tank Cleaning Expensive?

It is possible to clean your water tank yourself, and some people choose to do that. However, proper water tank cleaning does require some specialist equipment. Professional tank cleaning is not particularly expensive, and considering you only need to perform this once a year, it won’t put too much of a dent in your bank balance. With that in mind, we strongly suggest going to the professionals for this.

CST Group’s Water Tank Cleaning Service 

CST Group provides a thorough, five-step tank cleaning service in the Waikato region. We begin by completely emptying the tank, allowing us easy access to clean every corner, a step not performed by many of our competitors. We then vacuum out all the sludge from the walls and bottom of the tank, waterblast the walls to remove any scale or build-up, repeat vacuuming to clear any debris dislodged during blasting, and finally sanitise the tank with chlorine.

Call CST Group Today 

Our friendly team is ready to help. To book your tank cleaning with us or more information on any of our services, head to the contact section of our website.

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