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Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

Hydro-Excavating services in waikato

Hydro Excavator Driver

We're on the look out for another full time Hydro Excavator Operator to join our team. The job includes truck driving, water blaster operation and a remote controlled boom. Read more or apply here:

Septic Tank Cleaning Waikato

Septic Tank Cleaning Operator

We're looking for another septic tank cleaning operator to join our growing team. The job includes truck driving, and a variety of physical activity including digging holes, lifting lids etc. Read more or apply here:

Water Delivery Waikato

Water / Tip Truck Driver

We're hiring another full time water / tipper truck driver to join our team. This job will mainly consist of water deliveries but as the seasons change could include tip truck driving. Read more or apply here:

Tipper Truck Waikato

Tipper Truck Driver

We're looking for a Part-Time Tip Truck Driver, this role is seasonal and dependent on demand. Read more or apply here:

Our comprehensive range of services includes septic tank maintenance, water delivery, precise hydro excavation, thorough CCTV drain inspections, jetting, and more!