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Hydro Excavation vs. Traditional Excavation

Hydro Excavation vs. Traditional Excavation: Which is Right for Your Project?

Hydro Excavation vs. Traditional Excavation Excavation is a necessary part of many construction and landscaping projects. Traditionally, excavation involved using heavy machinery to dig trenches and remove soil. A newer method, known as hydro excavation, has gained popularity in recent years. Which method is right for your project? CST Group explores the benefits and drawbacks

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CCTV Pipe Inspections

How CCTV Pipe Inspections Can Detect Hidden Plumbing Issues

Maintaining your plumbing system ensures the safety and functionality of your home or business. Hidden plumbing issues can cause extensive damage and expensive repairs if left unaddressed. That’s why conducting regular inspections of your plumbing system is crucial. One method that has proven to be highly effective in detecting hidden plumbing issues is CCTV pipe

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Planting on Septic Drain | CST Group Ltd

Can You Plant Trees When You Have a Septic Tank?

Can You Plant Trees When You Have a Septic Tank in NZ? While it has been a popular misconception that you cannot landscape your backyard by planting flowers or shrubs if you have a septic system, this is not true. However, you must be careful while choosing plants for your landscaping. Planting trees or shrubs

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Septic Tank Cleaning | CST Group Ltd

4 Things To Keep Out Of Your Septic Tank

4 Things To Keep Out Of Your Septic Tank in Cambridge A septic tank is a way to manage your wastewater from your dwelling, but you should keep a few things in mind to keep it in good working order. Septic-friendly cleaning products, soap, human waste, and toilet paper can all be flushed into a

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Septic Tanks Needs Pumping | CST Group Ltd

5 Signs Your Septic Tanks Needs Pumping

5 Signs Your Septic Tanks in Cambridge Needs Pumping There is little doubt that septic tanks require routine maintenance but, for many homeowners, the question is how often to empty septic tanks for optimal performance. The answers you find online range from once per year to once every five years. Different factors influence the rate

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Septic Tank in NZ | CST Group Ltd

How to do Laundry When You Have a Septic Tank in NZ

How to do Laundry When You Have a Septic Tank in NZ It may surprise you to know how many people do their laundry incorrectly, resulting in water from the septic backing up into their washing machine. The purpose of a septic system is to filter wastewater from washing water, but you still need to

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Septic Tank Problems - CST Group Ltd

5 Common Septic Tank Problems

Learn the 5 Common Septic Tank Problems Although septic tanks are essential in keeping any home environment clean and safe we find that people often need to pay more attention to their consistent upkeep. While septic tank problems can feel like everything has turned upside down, fortunately most of these problems can be easily identified

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Septic Tank Inspection - CST Group Ltd

Winter Septic System Maintenance Tips

Winter Septic Tank Inspection Tips & Tricks If you own a rural home, im sure that you know the value of a reliable septic tank system. A septic tank is an sizable but often forgotten investment that requires careful upkeep to keep it in good working condition for many years. CST Group’s top priority is

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Hire A Water Tank - CST Group

Why Hire A Water Tank?

Access to sufficient, safe, and affordable water has long been one of our most basic human rights. When it comes to running a construction site – the ability to store large quantities of water is important for completing construction, a common reason for hiring temporary water tanks on construction sites is to supply water for

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Vacuum Truck Waikato

A Guide to Septic Tank Maintenance

Offering a range of benefits to rural areas, a septic tank is a water-tight, buried container that holds wastewater. Often made from polyethylene, fibreglass or concrete, these practical and cost-effective tanks allow the flow of basic sewage treatment. The care and maintenance of septic tank crucial to their functioning. In this blog we will cover

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Our comprehensive range of services includes septic tank maintenance, water delivery, precise hydro excavation, thorough CCTV drain inspections, jetting, and more!